In most Nigerian communities women face socio-cultural practices that limit their access to productive assets. These practices exclude women from inheritances, right to own land and right to formal education and skills acquisition. These barriers limit their access and opportunities to professional networks and economic resources which could have impacted their overall well-being. These practices also stunt the development of these communities.

Accord-Bridge Foundation sets as the bridge to eliminating these barriers through the provision of series of education, training programs and vocational skills on access to entrepreneurship across communities in Nigeria. We create pathways of support to women and girls to help them live self-sufficiently and subsequently become financially independent. This is because, we believe that women economic empowerments is a potent indicator to ending poverty and enhancing the overall economic development of the society.



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@UN_Women We agree! Any job is a woman's job.

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Any job is a woman's job. Any job is a woman's job. Any job is a woman's job. Any job is a woman's job. Any job is…

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