Jane Douglas
(National Coordinator / Trustee)

Jane Douglas has well-rounded work experience having served many years in both public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.
While her experience includes working in a for-profit environment, her passion is to use her background and education to facilitate the empowerment of women and girls for a better and self-sustaining living. She is an ardent philanthropist who has dedicated her time and resources to the empowerment of women and the girl-child across Nigeria. Ms. Douglas has supported and facilitated, for over 10 years, the training of several women and girls in various community driven skills acquisition programs. Her experience in the field fueled by her passion for women and girls empowerment, motivated her to pioneer the Accord-Bridge Foundation. She has a kind heart and, an open spirit that reaches out to everyone in which she comes in contact with.
She mentors several young women and girls.

Mrs. Victoria Nwoka

Victoria Nwoka is a retired senior Civil Servant who spent over 30 years as an
educator, teaching at the primary school level. She is an instinctual philanthropist who has maintained a dedication to empowering women and adolescent girls.

She has held leadership positions within and outside her local community where she initiated partnerships with external organizations for the provision of several skills acquisition programmes to advance women economic empowerment and drive economic change in these communities. Victoria is highly driven and passionate about service to humanity and community development. She is a role model to many women.

Mr Eme Akwari

Eme Akwari is accomplished in varied specialty having been a broadcast consultant with a decade of experience in banking and also holding a political appointment. Akwari also has experience in the real sector of the economy of Nigeria. He has special interest in the sound upbringing of children especially the girl child and has shown broad based support for the less privileged in his community.

Mrs Kate Erusiafe

She is a graduate of Computer Science and an assiduous entrepreneur who has supported the vision of Accord-Bridge Foundation from its cradle. She has started and owned many businesses and presently hosts agricultural trainings for women. Kate has a personal mission of facilitating the transformation of individuals and communities. She aspires to lead women and girls into developing their full potentials and, is fully dedicated and eager to contribute her diverse work experience to support the women’s economic empowerment initiatives of Accord-Bridge Foundation.

Pastor Raymond Chukwudum Ekezie

A clergy and the founder of the Healing stream International worship centre. He believes and teaches the word of God, and just as importantly, he supports various poverty eradication projects especially as regarding to the empowerment of women. He has been a keen supporter of Accord-Bridge Foundation since he learned of their inspiring mission to help women and girls become financially independent through skills acquisition for wealth creation.